If you don´t know, man has a huge role in woman´s menstrual cycle. Surprised? It is interesting that this article is only of interest to people abroad, so I decided to translate it. I personally love being by man´s side, I love their strength and inner calmness that women need so deeply. It is sad that this topic it´s not more discussed. I would like to open this and provide a knowledge how woman feels during all the month, how and why she needs a man in all her hormonal phases. Men, you are so important, please learn how to move in her inner world, because – she needs you.

Menstrual cycle begins with a first day of menstruation (bleeding) until the first day of another. Mostly this lasts for 28 days, sometimes is around 35 days and sometimes it could be even shorter. The menstrual cycle is most affected by changes of hormonal system. During a menstrual cycle hormons rise and fall according to the phase in which the body is in and what is going to happen in each phase. This hormonal rise and fall affects number of other processes in the body. It affects the level of energy that a woman has, the level of her openness to the world and the ability to communicate, also a desire for a sex and food or even ability to solve a problems and find an inspiration.

A menstrual cycle is devided into 4 phases. Each phase has its specific time and processes associated with it. Names of these phases are simple and very appropriate.

The first phase of menstrual cycle corresponds to the energy and wisdom of a grandmother

The menstrual cycle begins on the first day we have menstruation, so the first day of menstrual bleeding. Physically, the uterine lining is separated, which together with the dead unfertilized egg, has to come out of the body. The uterine lining grows fairly for whole month if the couple decide to create a new life and the fertilized egg needs a place where it can burrow and grow for another 9 months. I only mention this in case someone sneers at menstrual blood and whole period. It is the most valuable thing a woman´s body has found in herself for a whole month for the needs of a new life. The first and second days of a menstruation are usually the most demanding for these reasons, because the woman doesn´t feel physically well. Her belly can hearts, she can be tired and be uneasy. The grandmother phase lasts 5 days to a week.

How does a woman feel in the first menstrual phase? The grandmother is not just call that
  • tired
  • annoyed
  • incommunicative
  • sensitive
  • closed

In the first menstrual phase, the level of hormons is the lowest of the whole month. Hormons are there to allow woman to know herself, but also the outside world. When hormons are low, it naturally turns her in, forcing her to explore her inner world more. That is why the period of menstruation is sometimes difficult, because at that time a woman is devoting herself to herself and her inner world. Respectivelly, she really should! If she goes against her cycle, all the symptoms of the phase are more pronounced, the pain is stronger and the mood is worse. However, if she comes in harmony with her cycle, it can give her a lot, she can understand a lot and she also feels much better.

The first phase of menstruation is about an inner world

It is a period that helps her to better recognize what suits her in life and what no more serves her. It is a period of selfreflexion and evaluation. Thoughts and topics that repeatedly jump into her head during menstruation, are the one she should address. These are important issues that require her attention. Therefore a woman needs more space a peace during a menstruation. If she doesn´t have it, is understandably in worse mood.

Activities suitable for the first menstrual phase are actually not active at all

It is suitable if the woman takes a relative break on the first day of menstruation, when everything is the most demanding. Ideal is rest, quiet place, silence, contemplation, dreaming, sleeping, reading. Simply peace and space to be able to perceive herself and her inner world, which calls her at this phase.

Man and his role in the first phase of grandmother is probably the most important from the whole month

It might seem that when a woman is annoyed by everything, a lot of things botter, doesn´t communicate or on contrary goes crazy, man should withdraw, because anyway he doesn´t understand what is wrong with her when she was normal yesterday…

The truth is that in this period, when a woman feels much better about what bothers her in life, a man by her side is needed much more than ever. Why? You can imagine it like a sea and the shore. Like a water and the rock, who dance together every month under the influence of the moon. When the tide comes in and the level of hormons rise, the water reaches far and a woman is ready to explore an outside world and play naturally. When the ebb comes, she withdraws. And that´s when she needs a man – a stable rock – to be there. To create her a solid and safe place when she begins to get lost in her depths. She needs that her partner is there for her like a quiet anchor in the outside world which she cannot stand at this time. She doesn´t need that the man does anything about it, just to be there for her.

Don´t be afraid of woman´s emotions and crying. It´s her way of connecting with the important things that await her within her. Don´t see this as a problem that needs to be fixed. Give her protection and hug so she can cry and back together. Be like a rock that can be easily wetted by rain and sea.

The second phase of the menstrual cycle is like the spark of a young virgin

After menstruation comes the period that another ovum is matures. It increases the level of hormones. With them the amount of vitality and openness that a woman abounds increase. It is a period of new fresh energy, playfulness and adventure. The second phase of menstrual cycle lasts about 6 days.

Woman feels like a young diva in the second menstrual phase
  • energetic
  • happy
  • playful
  • light hearted

Along with hormons, the amount of energy that woman has also grows. She is cheerful, playful, she likes to flirt. She runs around the house singing. The influx of hormons makes her feel reborn. After the phase when she was mostly in herself, she is ready to open up again and explore the outside world. Naturally, it pulls her out, she wants to do something, go on a trip. She doesn´t enjoy sitting home at this time.

New beginnings? Ideally in the energy of a virgin

The seconf phase of the cycle also belongs to the woman, but at this time the opposite than during a period. The woman is open and ready to discover the outside world for herself. If she has something to start with, the second phase naturally provides her tools to do so. Whether she is thinking about a new job, a new project or a new hobby, in the virgin phase she will be fine. There is no point to forcing herself to do such a thing in a grandmother phase. She can do it when necessary, but it will cost her a lot of energy and it will not bring her such a satisfaction.

Tha man enjoys his role in the virgin phase

This phase is likely to be better understood by the man than the previous one. The woman is extroverted and enjoys everything new. If you take her on a trip for an event or you decided to try something you have been talking about for a long time, she will be so happy. You will enjoy a great time with her away from home. This period is just about trying new and interesting things, which is something that a man usually masters well and likes.He will also communicate much better with his woman, so if there is something that needs to be addresses verbally, it is better to keep for the period after menstruation, when the woman is naturally much more approachable. The couple will understand each other much better.

Take her on a virgin phase for a trip and give her some adventure. If you want to solve something verbally, now is the time.

The third phase of the menstrual cycle is characterized by the responsability and kindness of the mother

The hormonal peak of the menstrual cycle is the maternal phase. It is a short period lasting only 2 to 3 days. During this phase the body undergoes the ovulation, which means that the egg in the ovary has mattured sufficiently and setts out on a journey through the fallopian tube to meet a sperm. This period is very important for a woman, because it indicates the highest probability to pregnancy. During this period the woman naturally shines with a kind of light and attracts attention.

The mother´s phase belongs to others

The mother´s phase is for the first time in the menstrual cycle that is more for others than for the woman herself. It is the period when the woman is open the most to the outside world. At the same time she has a very open heart. She feels the need and willingness to help others more than ever. She is compassionate, generous and kind.

  • willing
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • loving
Need to solve really something? The mother´s energy provides inner strength and sureness

At this time is also convenient to deal with anything that requieres a great responsibility. Whether an important business meeting or meeting is planned, the mother´s energy will give a woman enough of inner strength, trust and openness to others to make it all work out.The woman´s worlds have a weight at this time and she feels very confident herself.

A man should not take a relationship lightly during the mother´s phase

The naturalness of a woman´s body during this period is the absolute greatest desire for a sex, which is, of course, something that usually both of them like. The catch may be that in the period of ovulation, for a woman sex is a tool to connect with her patner, it is not about a physical pleasure. Making love is of deep importance to her at this time, and it is not advisable to play with it in any way, because a man does not gain much with some superficiality.

During this time show her how important she is for you and how you appreciate what she does. If you will make love to her, devote yourself to her whole being with great love and attention. At this time, she needs to feel that you mean it.

Witch. The last phase of the menstrual cycle

The with´s energy is with a woman for 14 days. It is the longest phase of the menstrual cycle when the hormons fall again. At the body level, the unfertilized egg dies and goes to the uterus, where is excreted together with the uterine lining during menstruation. It is kind of divide, where her attention shifts inward from the outside world again. You can notice that she is hungrier that usual during this period and also needs sweets and chocolate. Greater appetite is typical for the pre-menstrual phase.

The witch brings distraction and inspiration

At this phase, the woman is still one foot in the outside world, but the other is submerged inside herself again. It can be difficult for her to follow all the everyday responsibilities, she can be less attentive at work or school. The concetration decreases. Her energy is scettered and jumps from one to the other. She is cheerful and talkative for a while, and in the next she frowns and cries.

  • inattentive
  • distracted
  • changeable
  • creative

If a man in the witch´s phase helps her with the realization of the ideas, he will be her hero

The witch´s phase is characterized by great creative energy, which the woman needs to direct somewhere. She can do so in various ways. If she has a project she cares about and wants to work on, she gets the opportunity to move it forward significantly in the last phase of menstrual cycle. The ideas that are going through her head at this time are worth paying attention to, because they are the solution that is the best. When work or project are not something she wants to move, this excess energy is usually concentrated in a greater desire for a sex. This time, however, it is not about a deep connection with her partner, but all about a physical pleasure, so when it comes to a partner fun, this phase is rich.

Help her realize the ideas that come naturally to her in the witch´s phase and with which she has a connection. That is exactly what she needs from you.

Whatever a woman goes through her menstrual cycle, it needs to be paid attention to. These are not things you can wave your hand in „Well, hormones again“. However, this is not to say that the solution is up to you, it is not. But it is nice to have respect for that. She doesn´t play with anything or behave meaninglessly. Hormones are just a tool to connect her to herself and to the outside world. It is a valuable tool. I can assure you – men – that if you learn to move in the inner world of your chosen one, you will have an irreplaceable and important place in her life. She cannot be water without a land. And conversaly.

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